How To Grow A Youtube Channel

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For the past 2-3 years, Youtube has become very popular & it’s growing at an exponential rate. Youtube currently has billions of viewers on the platform that likes to watch the video and keep themselves entertained.

Apart from the viewers, even the number of content creators is rising on the platform. And if you are one of them, this blog is for you.

This article will show you how to grow a youtube channel in 2023.

Strategies To Grow A Youtube Channel In 2023


Find Low Competition Keywords :

If you have just started a youtube channel, you need to focus on some low-competition keywords being searched on the platform.

In the beginning, you won’t be getting views from the browse feature or suggested, so the only way for you to get a decent amount of views is from the youtube search.

To find some good low-competition keywords, you can use a tool called vidIQ. Think of any keyword that comes to mind and search for its competition on vidIQ. Find some 5-7 such keywords and start creating videos and them.

Create A Good Looking Profile :

Now, this may not directly affect the number of views on your videos, but it shows the viewers that you are committed to growing on youtube.

Create some excellent high-quality profile image & Banner image for your youtube channel. If you are not good at art, you can always use Canva to create them, and it’s totally free. You can even go on freelancing websites like fiverr & Upwork and hire someone who can make them for you.

After completing the design portion, fill in the about section of the channel. Tell your audience about the type of content they will be watching on this channel; you should also add your email so that anyone can contact you. This can make you look professional.

Use The Keywords Correctly :

In the first step, we showed you how to find some suitable keywords for your new channel, but you must ensure that you use them correctly.

Try to include the keywords in your title, as it can help your video rank in the youtube search. Apart from the title, try to use the exact keywords in the video’s description for atleast 2-3 times.

We also suggest you on writing a 200-300 words description of the video. One more thing you can do is use the exact keywords in the youtube tags section.

Create Amazing Thumbnails :

If you want to grow on youtube, you should have amazing clickable thumbnails.

The most significant factor in getting more youtube views is to have a great thumbnail. It’s the first thing viewers will see when your video is shown to them. No matter how good your title or video is, if the viewers are not even clicking on your video, then what’s the point?

It would be best if you spent most of the time creating good thumbnails. You can use Canva or photoshop to create good-quality thumbnails; also, make sure to use eye-catching colours like red or yellow. You can even hire a graphic designer from a freelancing website who can help you create some nice thumbnails.

Try to get a CTR of 6-10%.

Over The Top Title :

Once you have grabbed viewers’ attention with your thumbnail, now is the time to make them click on the video with a great title.

By great title, we don’t mean that you should clickbait the viewers, but yeah, some healthy amount of clickbait is allowed. Also, try to keep the title short & simple. Make sure to keep the title within 70 characters.

Try to play with the mind of viewers, like which title can make them click instantly and provide value to the viewers.

Keep on experimenting with different types of titles on your channel. This can take some time, but a specific type of title works best with the viewers, so try to find them for your channel.

Replicate What’s Working :

Once you start getting some views & subscribers, youtube will show some channels that make videos in your similar niche.

You can subscribe to 3-5 such channels and analyse them. You should check what type of videos are working for them & the perfect combination of titles & thumbnails they are using.

Select some videos from your competitor’s channel that got more views on the channel compared to their average views & try to replicate the same type of video topic for your channel as well.

Cross Promote & End Screens :

You can try to promote your videos on other platforms such as instagram and Facebook as well. Apart from the social media platforms, you can even promote your videos on forums such as Quora or Reddit.

The only drawback of promoting your video on other platforms is that the viewers might not be interested in the video, and they can decrease your watch time which can hurt the youtube algorithm.

So try to promote your videos smartly and only promote them with the people who might be actually interested in your video.

You can even ask your competitor’s channel to promote your video. They can promote your video on their community tab or in their end screen section, but this won’t be free, so you will need to have some budget for this.

Videos On Trending Topics :

The quickest way to grow on youtube is by creating videos on the topics currently trending in your niche.

We have seen new channels get millions of views in the first month by creating videos on trending topics.

But this can have its drawback, as the viewers who subscribe to your channel by watching a trending video might not be interested in other videos you might make. So it would be best if you had a perfect balance between trending & evergreen videos.

Upload Consistently :

By consistently, we don’t mean that you should create a video daily on youtube. There’s no rule that uploading a certain amount of videos will grow your channel faster.

Some channels make just 2-3 videos in a month, but they are still growing exponentially on youtube. By Uploading consistently, we mean that you try to find your own pace that lets you create videos comfortably.

Always try to focus on the quality of the video rather than the quantity, as one good quality video is better than ten bad ones.


So in this article, we showed certain tricks on how to grow a youtube channel in 2023. Try to follow this blog and have patience, as youtube is a long-term game.



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