How To Create Youtube Videos

How To Create Youtube Videos

To succeed on Youtube, you need to have an amazing video that can go viral and gain a good amount of views & subscribers.

Many aspects depend on whether the video will perform on the platform or not, such as selecting a perfect topic or having a good-quality video.

Making a YouTube video may seem difficult to people who are new to video marketing. This blog will cover all those aspects and show you how to create a youtube video.

How to create a youtube video

Find your niche & competitors :

Selecting a niche can be crucial in deciding your channel’s success. If you enter a competitive niche just for the sake of money & without any interest, then you won’t be able to sustain yourself for a long time. So always select a niche in which you can enjoy creating videos.

Make sure also to find some competitors and try to analyze their channels. See what kind of content they are making. Additionally, you can discover any content gaps and fill them with your own.

To find out what your target audience is watching and commenting on, check out which of your competitor’s videos has the most views and likes. Before spending money on producing your content, this technique will assist you in determining what appeals to your audience.

Find the Right Keywords :

After you have selected a niche & found some competitors, it’s time to find some good keywords for your youtube channel. The greatest search terms to use in your videos can be found through keyword research on YouTube.

There are many ways to find out good keywords for your channel. You can use Youtube’s search bar to find some keywords; all you need to do is type something in the box, and Youtube will start showing you some suggestions; those can be some good keywords on which you can create your next Youtube video.

Another good way is to use a tool called VidIQ. This tool can show you some nice low-competition & high search volume keywords.

Writing A Good Script :

Here is another important part on which your channel’s success might rely. Nobody wants to watch a boring youtube video with a poor script.

We are not saying that you should be an amazing writer to create some entertaining videos, but you should atleast know what to say, and it should be easy to understand. We have seen people who just pick up a camera & start speaking whatever is coming into their mind & as a result, the video becomes boring.

So don’t make that mistake; always prepare a good script before you press that record button on your camera. You should know what you need to say & if you are making some tutorial or educational videos, then keep it short & very easy to understand.

Selecting Good Locations & Equipment:

The lighting in your video is also important, as nobody wants to watch a dull video. You should always choose a perfect location for your video with amazing lighting. So, try to find some 3-5 amazing spots before recording your videos.

Your video must have crystal-clear audio if you want it to look polished and professional. Having poor-quality audio in your videos can have a negative impact on the viewers. Make sure to perform an audio test before using your phone’s or computer’s camera. If your test reveals that your audio needs some improvement, spending money on an external microphone can be worthwhile to guarantee your audio is crystal clear.

Now it comes to the equipment to record the video. Most current smartphones come with good-quality cameras that can be used to record video. You can even use a cheap tripod to ensure the shot is steady. Once you have a budget, you can opt for some DSLR cameras.

Editing The Video :

Now it’s time to make some cuts & trims in your video to make it entertaining. The most important thing you can do in this step is to have a very engaging hook. The first 30 seconds of your video will determine its success.

Sometimes we record unnecessary things that might not be required in the video, so don’t be lazy and make sure to remove those parts. You should always keep changing the scenes so the video can be more entertaining. Try to add some texts, transitions, animations & SFX as well.

You can use many softwares to edit your videos, such as Adobe premiere pro, Final Cut Pro X, etc.

Creating The Best Thumbnail :

As your awesome youtube video is ready, it’s time to create some good thumbnails that can make people click on your videos.

A Thumbnail is also crucial as it is the first thing that catches the eyeball. Make sure to use some good & bright color combinations, such as yellow & black. Check out how your competitors are creating their thumbnails & try to replicate them with your twist.

You can use photoshop or even Canva to create some excellent & clickable thumbnails for your video.

Conclusion :

So in this article, we showed you how to create youtube videos for your channel. Follow these steps, and you can get some outstanding results.

Always try to focus on the quality of the video rather than the quantity, & remember that youtube is a long-term game, so don’t expect to be successful overnight.


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