How To Create Web Stories For Your Blog

How To Create Web Stories

In this article, we will show you how to create web stories for your blogs to reach a wider audience.

People have been using google for over a decade to read blogs about different topics. But now, as the times are changing, the viewers/readers are more interested in the short form of content. The most significant example of this can be youtube shorts, which is youtube’s version of short-form content; similarly, Google has added a new feature named Web stories which is short-form content of blogs that readers would like to read.

Web Stories is interactive, video-based content that allows creators to exchange information with viewers through tappable pages with text, images, and audio. You can consider them as google’s version of Instagram stories.

So now we will show you why & how to create web stories for your blog.

Why Should You Create Web Stories?

People nowadays want to get entertained or learn something new by not spending much time on long-form videos or articles. Their attention span has reduced drastically over the last 1-2 years.

Currently, long-form articles are expensive to produce & they are even somewhat saturated as there are blogs for each & every niche that you can think of.

At the same time, web stories can provide user satisfaction in a lesser amount of time & keep the readers entertained. As this feature is new, there is not much competition & even some new blogs can get a good amount of traffic if they implement web stories correctly, as google is pushing it exponentially.

How to create Web Stories:

Now that we have given you a solid reason to start web stories, it’s time to show you how you create one.

Deciding Niche :

Well, if you have not even created a website yet and are still figuring out which niche you should write on, this section might help you out.

Again, we will always recommend selecting a niche you enjoy writing about. Some niches that perform well for web stories are entertainment, movies, travel, sports etc.

Also, don’t just open a blog to create web stories; Google won’t like that. The primary purpose of your website should always be long-form articles only, and simultaneously you can work on creating web stories to get more traffic.

Select An Editor :

This will be easy if you use WordPress, as there are some plugins you can use to create web stories very quickly & efficiently.

Google’s web stories & Make stories are the two plugins you can use to create web stories for your blog.

Finding Topics :

You can either go for some general evergreen topics or opt for some trending topics.

If you have a news website, you should always create web stories on trending topics. You can use the Google Trends tool to find what’s trending in a particular niche and can create a web story for the same. Doing this can bring some excellent traffic to your blog.

Not just news websites benefit from this new feature of google; you can even create web stories on the topics of how to, tips & tricks etc.

Creating Web Pages :

A web story consists of pages that users swipe from one to the next. Each Page contains short text, images and even video.

Your main goal should be to create beautiful & entertaining Pages so that the viewers can enjoy reading your web stories.

Make sure that you use some HD images for your web stories, as it will help in SEO. Also, you should not keep the text portion long as google has set a limit of 200 characters per Page.

Keep your web story simple and easy to understand for the viewers; & Google doesn’t like web stories with a lack of narrative or incomplete stories so keep that in mind.

Publishing :

So now you are ready with a good web story that contains HD images and, at the same time, is attractive to the viewers. You can either publish it at the same time you create it or schedule it for another day and time.

Conclusion :

In our opinion, web stories are worth a try. If you are in a niche where you can use this new feature of google, go for it.

We recommend you not just focus on web stories but also on the usual long-form content, as the feature’s primary purpose is to get some good traffic on your blog.



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