5 Ways To Find Video Ideas For YouTube

Find video Ideas for youtube

To be successful on youtube, you need to have some excellent video ideas that can gain millions of views.

In this article, we will show you how you can find video ideas for your youtube channel that can grow your channel exponentially.

Finding YouTube video ideas pertinent to your audience should be your top concern. Viewers won’t just watch anything you will upload on your channel; they want to be educated or entertained, so make videos keeping that goal in mind.

So Here are some ways by which you can find your next video ideas on youtube.


Tips To Find Video Ideas For YouTube

Youtube Search Bar

The Youtube Search box should be your number 1 place to find ideas for your channel when you are just starting. Whenever you type something in the search box, youtube shows you some suggestions; & these are the topics that most people look for on youtube.

Using this trick, find some 5-10 topics, & check out the videos that pop up. See what type of videos are coming for your search query & see how you can improve them.

Youtube search

VidIQ Tool To Find Video Topics

When you have a new channel, you can’t keep creating videos on anything & expect them to go viral. There are fewer chances that your video will directly feature in the suggested or browse section. So, in the beginning, you need to focus on topics/keywords which are not too competitive & here’s where vidIQ can help you out.


vidIQ Tool


See above in the picture; we have searched the term Riyadh metro & vidIQ has shown us that it’s very easy to rank on this term even if you have a youtube channel.

We suggest you find video ideas for your youtube channel with atleast a score of 60 on vidIQ.

Ask Your Audience

The audience is the king & we certainly believe that. There are some ways by which you can find out what kind of videos your audience wants to watch on your channel.

One of them is by asking it on the community tab. Once you cross the 500 subscribers mark, you unlock this feature on youtube of the community tab. You can create a poll in your community asking what type of videos your audience would like to see.


Youtube's Community Tab


Another way is by asking the viewers to make a comment on the topic they would like to watch.

Trust me; this is one of the essential tips, as when you create videos for the audience, that’s when the magic happens on youtube, and your channel can grow exponentially.

Use Youtube Trends

This is the place where youtube shows you what’s currently trending on the platform. You can use the Trending tab on YouTube to quickly find hot subjects for your next video. On a separate page of YouTube, a variety of currently popular videos in your nation is shown, sorted by popularity. You can be sure to locate the newest hits because this section is refreshed every 15 minutes.


Youtube Trends

You can also find trending videos in dfferent categories such as gaming, music, movies etc.

Analyze your competitors

Each & every youtube channel has its competitors, no matter what niche you have. You should find five channels on youtube that makes videos in a similar niche to yours.

Once you find your competitor channels, you will need vidIQ again. There is a feature in vidIQ that lets you check which video of your competitors is currently trending and is getting many views.

Let’s see you you can do this.


VidIQ trending tab

Open your competitor’s channel and click on the trending tab provided by vidIQ, as shown in the picture above. Doing that will show you the trending videos of that particular channel. It shows how many views per hour a video is getting.

This can be a good topic for creating videos and getting yourself suggested on that channel.


So here we showed you some ways in which you can find video ideas for your Youtube channel. Try to apply these tips on your channel & it can perform better.

Also, don’t stress about uploading a video daily. Try to focus on quality rather than quantity. We have seen channels growing fast when they correctly apply the right tactics.

And we think that if you follow these tips for your channel, you will never run out of ideas.


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