10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Beginners To Start In 2023

10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Beginners To Start In 2023

Youtube has grown to such a huge extent that a lot of content is consumed daily, and the number of users is increasing daily. Also, the amount of creators is increasing.

For a beginner, it is always hard to decide the niche, so in this article, we will discuss all the lucrative niches a beginner can start according to their interest.

1. Gaming

Gaming channels previously dominated YouTube. At one point, even channels in completely unrelated areas launched their own gaming channels to capitalize on the popularity trend.

It’s safe to assume that the wave has faded, but specialized gaming channels are still going strong.

It’s getting simpler to monetize your gaming channel as live streaming gains popularity and gaming channels are now eligible for sponsorships.

Let’s play, and commentary channels are the most widely used in gaming. These are play-through games with entertaining commentary, as the name would imply.

2. Make-Up and Beauty

make up and beauty

Makeup and skincare are the primary topics on beauty channels. They provide viewers with in-depth tutorials on achieving specific looks or the best ways to use particular products according to their knowledge.

They discuss their everyday cosmetic routines and advise makeup beginners and pros.

Because of their prominence, makeup companies frequently contact beauty YouTubers to reach their intended customers. These YouTubers are regarded as trendsetters, and frequently the things they promote become hugely successful.

3. Education


Consider yourself skilled at explaining difficult ideas? A channel with instructional content might be ideal for you.

Being an “edutainer” can improve your retention rate and channel engagement if you’re good at entertaining. But it’s also okay if you prefer to concentrate solely on educating. Effective narrative telling and attractive video editing are the keys to producing informative videos that your audience will adore.

You’ll discover that writing an amusing screenplay is relatively simple if your channel is anything like Be Amazed. Are you making economic principles enjoyable, though? Tricky but not impossible.

4. Fitness


This field may be ideal for you if you enjoy assisting others in reaching their fitness objectives.

There are more than just workout routines on fitness channels. Your channel can feature all aspects of your healthy lifestyle, including all the various exercises and nutritious food.

By making videos for equipment-free at-home workouts, you can also assist folks who feel uncomfortable coming to a public gym or just don’t want to pay for a membership.

5. Tech 


Everything in this digital world is handled and controlled by technology. We are all constantly using our phones, tablets, or laptops, from children to adults. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our smartphones act as our third hand. So, all you tech-savvy people, now is your chance to show off your skills and spread the word because technology is a vast, open world with a lot to offer those who keep their ears open.

People of all skill levels, including those who are “something between a newbie and a pro,” will find this channel type to be of great use. Even a skilled pro might not recall all the details and specifications relating to technology, telephones, the internet, and devices. Therefore, individuals who are unsure can really benefit from your channel.

Marques Brownlee is a fantastic example of such a tech channel. More than 2 billion people have viewed Marques, which has 12.2 million subscribers. He reviews and talks about anything technical, ranging from computers to robot dogs, smartphones to speakers, headsets to cameras, etc.

6. Comedy 


Laughter can pull in a large audience. Additionally, funny videos might provide amazing effects for your YouTube channel.

The options are virtually limitless if you’re wondering what kinds of videos can be produced. You can act like Superwoman or make spoof videos like those on The Ellen Show.

Comedy channel Smosh is incredibly well-known, with 25.1M subscribers and over 9 billion views. The channel set the record for the most subscribers thrice in history.



One of the fastest-growing YouTube niches is autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), which has been around for quite some time.

The term ASMR refers to the calming sensation experienced when someone whispers quietly in your ear or lightly brushes their fingertips across your skin.

YouTubers with ASMR channels cover a variety of subjects, and some of them even mix their subjects with those of other subgenres like how-to and makeup.

The calming music and images that these YouTubers utilize to appease their viewers are, however, the main intention.

Over 1 million people have subscribed to some of the most well-liked ASMR YouTube channels, with ASMR Darling being one of the most popular.

8. Vlog


A combination of video and blogging is known as vlogging. The entire idea is based on documenting daily life and taking viewers along with you.

Daily vlogging is hugely popular, and viewers love watching their favorite vloggers’ daily vlogs.

As a result of Casey Neistat’s daily vlog, vlogging gained popularity.

Casey produces top-notch videos using his experience as a professional videographer.

To improve the quality of his videos, he takes the time to set up shots and produce fantastic B-rolls. His consistency, which is one of the key success elements on YouTube, is also outstanding.

9. How To And DIY


DIY and how-to channels are similar to tutorial channels and instruct their viewers on how to accomplish a task.

While tutorials are more like your step-by-step guidelines, these channels are more focused on helping you create things and learn how to accomplish something.

10. Travel


People want to do their research and find out a number of things before spending money on the next major holiday, including how much the trip will cost, where they may stay, and whether the experience will be worthwhile.

YouTube travel channels provide answers to each of these queries. Your audience will look to your material as an “all you need to know” manual for the locations, food options, public transportation, and everything else. But not all the information has to be included in every video. If your channel grows to an extreme level, you can earn a good amount of money through different stories like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and Sponsorships.

So, these are the best examples of Youtube channels, which beginners can start in 2023.


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